Will you follow the Wales TUC and show your support for the Right to Know Asbestos in Schools Wales Campaign?

In May 2014 the Wales TUC unanimously passed the following resolution (proposed by the NASUWT and seconded by the NUT union)

“Removal of asbestos from schools ​Conference reaffirms the position of the Wales TUC that the only safe option in relation to the control of asbestos in school buildings is to remove and dispose of the risk.

​Conference welcomes the clarity provided in the House of Lords on 14 January 2014 that the development of policies for the management and control of asbestos in schools is a matter for the Welsh Government.

​Conference, therefore, calls on the Welsh Government to embrace this responsibility and work with local government and the Wales TUC to develop a policy for the progressive, safe and effective removal of asbestos from all schools in Wales.”